Peak Dental Hygiene

Peak Dental Hygiene - Dental Hygienist Cheryl Seitz, RDH, BSDHNeed a checkup or cleaning? At Peak Dental Hygiene, we can help! Dental Hygienist Cheryl Seitz, RDH, BSDH, is very excited to work in an integrated care setting. “Integrated care maximizes value, thus keeping the patient out of the emergency room and hospital.

Did you know that “Children with toothaches typically miss more school than children with healthy mouths, yet cavities are preventable,” says Cheryl.
“When a child comes in for a routine physical checkup, we also screen for dental and behavioral health concerns. This next-level preventative care, if replicated across our country, would save millions of
dollars in emergency medical and dental fees, as well as millions of hours in lost productivity. At Peak, we are making this a reality.”

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