Dr. Joe Adragna, MD, MHA, MGH

When Joe Adragna was five years old, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he was abruptly introduced to the medical profession and the doctor-patient relationship. Fast-forward to today, and mom is doing great and little Joe is now Doctor Joe Adragna, a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician with graduate degrees in Health Administration, and Geriatric Medicine. “It might sound cliché to say that I became a doctor to help people,” he said, “but I saw how my parents revered the doctors who saved my mother’s life and I could think of no better career path to follow.”

At the age of thirteen, Joe was already working as a hospital volunteer in the Montrose Memorial Hospital lab, learning as much about medicine as he could. After graduating from MHS, he worked as an EMT while in college and during his residency at the University of Colorado, on his few days off, he would moonlight at other hospitals, always planning for the future.


Dr. Joe knew early on that Family Medicine, in which the doctor sees every kind of problem and person, was his calling. Important goals for his practice include:

  • Helping people stay healthy
  • Avoiding emergency rooms and hospital stays
  • Allowing easy access to care
  • Office hours that are convenient for working people and those with children in school

Joe knew that Montrose was the right place for his medical practice. “I love the sense of community here and the people are gracious and supportive,” he said. “Also, small towns typically have fewer specialists, so the breadth of what a family practice doctor does is much greater.” He named his new practice Peak Family Medicine as a reminder to always provide the absolute best in medical care. Currently, the office is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. We have a variety of services including lab services, chiropractic care, pediatric psychology, and a medication dispensary with frequently prescribed medications such as blood pressure and diabetes medication available, whenever you need them.

The philosophy our practice is clearly visible on the large sign in the waiting room stating, “TEAM-BASED-CARE|INTEGRITY|COMMUNITY”.

Dr. Joe makes nursing home calls and continues to look for opportunities to be involved in school health programs and community preventive health programs.

Medical areas of interest: Musculoskeletal medicine (arthritis treatment), primary care, cardiology, and systems integration and innovation.


Phone: 970-497-4921
Fax: 855-855-4482
1550 E Niagara Rd
Montrose, CO 81401