Peak Aviation Medicine was born from Dr. Joe’s love of flying.
After Dr. Joe started flying he realized the need for an aviation medical examiner in Montrose and the surrounding area. Members of the local communities no longer have to travel to Grand Junction to complete their exams.
Exams start at:
$175 for 3rd class
$210 for 1ST and 2nd class
Addtional cost may be incurred depending on additional FAA forms or medical records required.
Dr. Joe is rated for class 1 – class 3 exams (all classes).
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TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, YOU MUST HAVE AN FAA MEDXPRESS CONFIRMATION NUMBER. This is not a medical certificate number, pilot’s license number, driver’s license, or social security number. It is specific to your FAA Medical Certification application. You may obtain this by completing your FAA Medical Certification application at This confirmation number is valid for 60 days. You must present with a valid and current medxpress confirmation number at the time of your examination. A medical certification cannot be provided without this.

About us

Peak Professionals was founded in 2015 by Dr. Joe Adragna with the idea of combining multiple medical services under one roof. We strive to provide the highest level of care and efficiency in our services. Do you have a medical business that needs help with workflows, management, or performance? We can help your business become more streamlined and effective. Contact us today to find out how.

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